Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Shakes for Breakfast???


If it's a protein shake.  Mine consists of two bananas, frozen peaches, BIG spoonful of low fat yogurt, protein powder and vanilla Almond milk...  Sometimes I switch up the peaches with strawberries or mixed fruit as long as it's frozen. You can be creative!  I use fresh blueberries too from time to time. The frozen stuff helps make the shake thicker.

This is my after workout breakfast.  I ate very light yesterday so I wanted to start this day out with a good healthy meal to get me going.  I'll take some breakfast bars and some water with me when I leave for work today to get me through the day.  Tonight it's fresh squash right from the garden!

It's cool out today so I did half my workout on the deck this morning.  The stairs are perfect for my calf raises and the flat surface is fine for my jumping jacks and squats.  I may pull a mat out tomorrow and do the whole workout outside!

I added some planking in to the routine after the crunches today about 30 seconds worth.

By the way, I bought some Bee Caps when I was at the beach a month or so ago.  I take these instead of a multi vitamin.  They are really good for you.  If you are not up on the power of Bee products do some research.  You can't beat this stuff!  I also use allot of honey, you can substitute any sweetener with it and it's also amazingly healthy!

So day 5 is in the bag.  Time to get ready for work!



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