Sunday, July 01, 2012

Is it time for a change?

Greetings Friends!

Now that I have reached my weight loss goal of 160 lbs, it is a matter of maintaining my current weight or managing my appetite. Someone told me the other day that you "Eat to live not Live to eat!" In today's America that's so true. So many people "Live to Eat" it seems we schedule our entire lives around what we eat.

Unfortunately too many of us consume food that is not healthy and we gorge ourselves at each meal instead of eating small amounts several times a day. Don't get me wrong I will still go out and eat a great meal at the "Bonefish Grill" or "Red Rocks Cafe" one of my other favorite restaruants. I will also have a beer or two from time to time and eat deserts or ice cream but I will now only indugle that aspect of food on occaision and not very frequently.

Now it's VI Shakes

Twice a day and a sensible meal. I had a lettuce wrap sanwhich today for lunch with turkey, tomato and mayo with a little cheese sprinkled on it. Chips and a large glass of ice water. This is a typical meal for me these days and it's how I managed to drop from 187 in January to 160 today. I will have stir fried squash and zuchinni tonight with onion, celery and beef, maybe some shrimp too. I normally drink water at home or cofee.

PS ~ I have siad goodbye to fast food. Will I ever stop and enjoy a chicken sandwich with fries and a tea again? Maybe but not often. Where I used to do that at leat 4 or 5 times a week, now I am down to once or twice a month and when I do I rarely eat the bread and usually throw out some of the fries. I also feel terrible after doing it so it's pretty much over for me now. McDonalds, you are DEAD to me!

Clearly I would have never dropped the last twenty pounds without the help of the VI Shakes. I just had one a few minutes ago and always start my day with one now if I have time. The combination of 1% milk (8 ounces) a banana, two scoops of shake mix and maybe some yogurt is my standard shake. We mix it up occaisionally by adding blueberries, strawberries, low fat ice-cream, peaches or whatever we might like at the moment. Chocolate is good from time to time too!

I hope some of you will take the challenge! This is one of the greatest things I have experienced in a long time! Being my high school weight is awesome and I feel so much better! If your interested in learning more go to the website and look around. Call me if you have questions and are ready to order your first bag of VI Shakes.

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