Friday, July 20, 2007

Global Warming? Really?


I just read an article that compared Al Gore to Elmer Gantry who is a fictional preacher in an old movie played by one of my favorite actors of all time Burt Lancaster. Although I find the comparison interesting it is hard to picture AlGore as the character since Burt Lancaster was well Burt Lancaster and AlGore is well you know, he is not quite as handsome as ol' Burt was. Yet the Charlatan that was Elmer Gantry fits the persona of AlGore in many ways. It is quite obvious that he has managed to persuade many Americans with his movie (that I have avoided watching so far) that the world is about to come to a disastrous end due to man made global warming. Yet the truth is that many scientists disagree on his conclusions and this phenomenon we are seeing may be nothing more than a natural process of the earth's climate change. We as the human species and what we do very well could have no impact at all on the earth's very formidable climate apparatus. In fact many scientists say that the climate here on earth is so complex that they do not even begin to understand it all and how it may or may not effect global warming.

One thing that really makes me wonder about all this Global Warming talk is that I can remember when Time magazine published stories about the new Ice Age back in the seventies. How can we go from being nearly extinct by a new Ice Age to being nearly burned up by Global warming in only 25 years? Is that good science? I doubt it. I also understand now how politicians work and I know that environmentalists like AlGore like to take issues that they can peddle to the people like so much snake oil and use it to promote a hidden agenda. These people are tricky and because many Americans seem to fall under their spell for one reason or another they unfortunately are easily persuaded.

All this leads me to compare AlGore to another character played by Burt Lancaster in yet another great movie called "The Rainmaker" where he played a fellow named Bill Starbuck. WOW! What a great movie that was and like Gantry, Starbuck (and AlGore) was a fellow who rode around the countryside convincing people to open their wallets and pay him to do something he knew he could not do, make it rain. This comparison might be even better than the first since it has to do with the climate and he was obviously a BS artist much like our former Vice Perpetrator. If you love old movies this one is a must see, it had Katherine Hepburn as well and was one of Lancaster's best films! I could go on about old movies and Burt but I digress.

These predictions of doom and gloom have been happening since man was young and able to write about the earth. This is just another phase in men trying to fool other men into reaching into thier pockets and handing over the cash.. Mark my words, 30 years from now the left will have found another way to try and squeeze money from their supporters and this global warming farce will be a long forgotten memory...

Peace to you all!

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