Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Move

Finally we are all moved in!

We bought a new house last month and picked up our belongings and moved it all over here over the Fourth. Thanks to some help by very good friends and my trusty van we have managed to get just about everything we owned moved over here and we are no longer living in East Charlotte. As much as I loved it there, the place has changed too much for my liking. No longer the peaceful neighborhood of my youth it was time for a change. Being only a pistol shot away from Eastland Mall you 30 year plus Charlotteans will understand why I had to leave.

Our New home is off Providence Road near the Arboretum. The shopping within a two mile radius is fantastic as well as the fact that I have at least three movie theaters within five miles of me now. The restaurants in the area are great as well. Many places to choose from and on top of that I am now less than ten minutes from Church! The proximity to all these will save us a ton of gas in the long run.

We almost feel like we are on vacation living here. The bedroom is nearly twice the size of our old one it seems and the master bath is awesome! We have less storage space in the house but we now have a two car garage so the trade off it worth it. We also have a HUGE walk in attic. I intend to put in a fan that will cool it off up there so maybe I can use it to make up for the lost storage space.

Anyway I will post some pics soon. I suppose we will be here for the next 15 or 20 years because I DO NOT want to move again! What a pain that was!!!!!

Peace to you all!


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