Wednesday, July 25, 2007

General rantings

Good morning!

I am up early as usual drinking coffee and reading news on the internet. I just wanted to make a few comments about life in general. I have always been a person who tries to be honest with people, I tell the truth and it often gets me in trouble. Especially where liberals are concerned. I have a friend who passed away recently (God bless his soul) who once replied to my negative email about Bill Clinton saying that he did not want to hear my opinion and for me to delete him from my email list. I have had similar emails from other liberals. It seems they just do not want to hear an opposing view. I don't get it. Is that not how we learn in life by listening to and evaluating both sides of an issue before we make up our own minds on the subject? I would hope that people whether liberals, conservatives or moderates for that matter would be a bit more open minded and learn to debate these issues with folks they disagree with and respect others opinions no matter what side they come down on.

No let me say something about Character and honesty. I will not name names but I have encountered some people lately in my life who are just plain dishonest. They seem like nice enough folks but they flat out lie and then do not seem to think twice about it. I do forgive them of course and will pray for them but it is all I can do to keep from really laying into them for their dishonesty and lack of integrity. What is it with folks who do not honor their word? I don't get it!

Well in truth I do get it I suppose. I know that many folks are under the influence of the great deceiver in this world today. They lie and cheat with giving it a second thought because Satan has a tremendous amount of influence over the world we live in. There is no two ways about this one. Most folks just simply do not uphold the teachings of Christ and the commandments God gave us all to live by and yes I mean in and outside of the Church. They live their lives in the world being a part of this culture ignoring the real truths that we as children of God should hold as the most important truths to live by.

Yeah, yeah I know many folks will say there he goes preaching again. Yet the truth is the truth!


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