Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Juicing continues

It is about day 8 now since I started shooting for a daily dose of fresh juice. After a couple of months of juicing off and on a couple of days per week I finally have gotten serious about it. I am feeling real healthy and good about this experience. I have also been taking 1000mg of bee pollen with my juice. I had a glass of juice with a light dinner yesterday and it went down quite well. Although I have lost a few pounds and will probably lose more I am not really focused on that aspect of this new diet. It is more about quality of my health than the quantity of what I weigh.

I am working out daily and have been increasing my routines, adding new exercises and some additional weights to my curling bar and dumbbells. I will have to dust of the bench soon in the basement when the weather warms up. Right now the dogs sleep down there so I can't deal with the smell but I will evict them come spring time into the back yard and clean it all out so I can start using the bench press. For now my weights upstairs will do just fine.

My wife is sharing in the juicing experience with me and she is really enjoying it. She encourages my quest for good health and is an excellent partner in this. One great benefit I have found is that I do not need my acid reflux medicine every day now. I just went six days without a pill and that is the first time I have been able to do that in over 5 years. I am really happy about it. Once I get more of the bad foods out of my diet I may be able to get off the Nexium once and for all.

I still like to eat Chinese food about two or three times a week and drink coffee in the mornings. These are really bad for my stomach but I will wean myself off the bad stuff slowly over time. I have cut tea and sodas to a bare minimum. I now have water with my lunch each day instead of sweet tea. I stay away from cola most all the time now and have not been to a fast food restaurant but once or twice in that past couple of months. I also have cut BBQ out of my weekly lunch routine. I have only had it once this month and I went to a BBQ restaurant last week and ordered grilled salmon. That is will power! (grin)

We have pretty much gone all organic with our juicing. After doing much reading I have found it is recommended by most all the experts and it only makes sense. Too many pesticides and chemicals in regular farming of the fruits and veggies. They tend to soak it up through the roots and it becomes part of the juice as well as sticking to the skins. Organic is so much healthier!

I just had my glass of Carrot, Apple, Celery and Ginger juice and I can feel the tingle as I type. It is almost like a head rush! I am shooting for two glasses a day by next month. One a day this month will do. Some of the guys I have read about do six glasses a day! WOW, that is a lot! Not sure if I will get that far with it but who knows what the future may bring.

I am in the market for a bigger juicer with a more powerful motor. I have found that many of the newer models get a lot more juice from the fruits and veggies than the one I have is capable of doing. Ebay is a great place to go for this and is the best place to go for books on the subject as well.

Next blog I will talk about fresh juice Vs store bought juice...

Have a great day and be healthy in mind, body and most of all sprirt!

God Bless

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