Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Iraq, United we Stand?

It seems that today one of the greatest dividing issues in America is the War in Iraq. Many Americans feel that we should not be there and that we have focused too much of our energy on Iraq and not Afghanistan. Perhaps the latter part of that statement is true yet if you look at this battle from a Macro perspective I think you come away with a different POV.

First, I have heard many say that we should engage the radical elements of Islam in a diplomatic way. Talk to them, try to understand why they hate us and work in a humane way to change their minds. Many on the left say this is they way to deal with the terrorists and if they do not respond we should arrest them and put them on trial here in America. Of course they also want to give the terrorists the benefit of the rights afforded Americans under the US Constitution. This will not work and is a dangerous approach.

Now take a look at what President Bush is doing. He is trying to plant the seeds of democracy in Iraq which is in the heart of the middle east. If he is successful in this extremely difficult task those seeds could grow and spread across the entire region. Once that happens you may see the radical elements of Islam shunned by their own people and discarded into history as the fanatics that they are much as the Nazi's were after the fall of the Third Reich.

Unfortunately this quest is one that will take many years, perhaps decades to complete. If we are to change the hearts and minds of the people in the middle east we must radically change the way the people are governed in that part of the world. Democracy is the best chance of bringing about that type of change. When people taste freedom they want more. When they experience the financial benefits of capitalism they also want more. We can bring these elements to the middle east with the plan that Bush has in place but it will take patience and hard work along with the sacrifice of Americans and our allies.

Remember the sacrifices made in WWII. We lost about 200,000 soldiers in that conflict. Yet America saved the world from a lunatic and his perverted vision of molding the world into something he had declared was God's will of a Nazi rule. This current struggle is eerily similar to that bleak time of our history. The Islamic fundamentalists want to mold the world into their perverted view of what their God wants. They want to subjugate us all into Islam or slavery to Islam. If not then we die, that simple.

President Bush has decided that if we plant the seeds of democracy and freedom in the middle east it is the best and brightest chance of spreading change throughout that region. It is the only hope for the world to defeat their radical view of dominating the west. If we can unite the worlds free peoples to rise up with us and help in this endeavor we may have a chance of stopping the forward push of the Islamic maniacs and their carnage. Keep in mind the radical Muslims have declared that Osama Bin Laden himself has marked Iraq as the place where the deciding battle for Islam against the west is being faught.

Once democracy takes hold and spreads perhaps a more moderate government will emerge in these areas and education will change as well as the poverty that grips the common folks. If they have jobs and can provide for their families they may have a reason to live instead of martyring themselves for money. If kids are taught to respect America in their schools instead of the hate that is taught now, then in a few generations the whole attitude of the people might become friendly towards the west.

Yes this is a tough struggle and will be a long one but if we unite it will make it easier for our side to win. Think about it and decide which side you want to be on if the battle comes to your neighborhood.

Can we win this war? You bet, but we will have a better chance if America unites behind it's leaders to fight it together.

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