Monday, September 11, 2006

9-11 2006

I am home this morning watching all the coverage on 911. I have watched the replay of the Twin Towers being hit and coming down and the Pentagon on fire after the plane slammed into it, as well as the plane downed on the field in Pennsylvania. I had a chill as I remembered how I felt that day watching it for the first time.

I watch this on the heels of watching the movie last night called "The Path to 911" and it really gives you a new perspective on the years leading up to that terrible day. Most of us regualr citizens really had no clue that our government was already aware that Osama and his minions had declared war on America. We went about our business and enjoyed the bounty and abundance America provides without really being worried we would be attacked by suicide bombers in jetliners. Now that I have seen this movie I see that it was there being plotted and planned as we vacationed, worked, went to the movies and out to eat, never imagining an event like 911.

So what do you do five years later? Do you keep sniping and laying blame Right vs Left, Conservative vs Liberal, Democrat vs Republican? Or do we find a way to unite the country and fight a common enemy?

I think we all know the right answer to that question but can we unite and put our differences behind us? Will the power brokers in Washington lay down their rhetoric cannons and pick up an American flag and march together towards a solution? Can they stop their own pursuit of personal power long enough to defend America?

I hate to think what will happen if they do not.

I will pray for all our leaders, both Red and Blue staters. I hope they can get their priorities in order and stop the blame game long enough to save America from a nuclear or bio attack from the lunatics that want to destroy what we have here in the USA.

I hope you will too.

God Bless America!

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