Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Love Log Cabins!

How I would love to own a Log Cabin.

I have always had a desire to own a log house or cabin every since I can remember. My wife and I spent the weekend in one this past, for our 7th wedding anniversary. We had a very nice, peaceful, relaxing weekend. It rained a good bit and it beat down on the tin roof like a million tiny drummers.

The mountains around Asheville, NC are full of these little vacation getaways and for a small fee you can rent one for a weekend or longer. We hope to go back and do this again each year until we finally buy one for ourselves to escape to and perhaps rent out to others for them to enjoy. What a life it must have been in years past to live out in the wilderness with no cars, TV's, computers or airplanes buzzing overhead. Only the sounds of the critters that lived near you to pierce the night air. It was hard to sleep due to the change in sound from the city to the country.

Our anniversary was one to be remembered and we took a few pics of the cabin and the surroundings. I'll post a few here if I can get them transferred to this computer.

Farewell and a long life to you all...

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