Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tax Day Blues

Tax Reform

April 15th is fast approaching and it looks as though my wife and I are going to have to pay double the amount of taxes we did last year. It seems ridiculous that we work hard all year, sending in quarterly taxes then at the end of the year we have to send in double what we have already paid. Sure our businesses grew and I am happy about that but the taxes we must now pay are a dis-incentive. I am so fed up with paying these taxes that I am about ready to throw in the towel with this business and say to heck with it! Just when you have a little money in the bank and it looks like your going to be able to save a few thousand dollars for your retirement, healthcare, or perhaps buy a new home. BAM!

The IRS takes it all away.

I must say I am also embarrassed that 500,000 Latino or Hispanic people will come out and protest a proposed law that would finally try and stop the flow of ILLEGAL immigration to the USA and punish those who have come here illegally while trying to get a handle on the problem. These people are demanding that they have the RIGHT to be here. I am sorry but I do not see it that way.

However, I will commend them their peaceful protest and the fact that they stood up for their cause. My point is that they are willing to gather, march and protest while we, the American public, paying taxes out the wazoo, will just sit here and take it without getting out and letting our government know how upset we are.

I say it is time we organized a march and protest of our own concerning the current state of the convoluted tax code and demand that the government do something about it. It is time to enact a new tax code here in America! I am all for a Fair Tax or a consumption tax, anything that uses common sense and not this giant, voluminous, monstrosity of a tax code that no one understands. Nothing will get the attention of the Washington politicians better than millions of voters coming together as one voice.

The current state of affairs will be an incentive for me to shut down my small business if we do not change things. I am not going to keep working my but off to send my tax money to the Federal and State Gov. to be wasted and thrown away. They have proven that they have no idea what they are doing with the money. You might as well burn it.

However I will pray that they wise up. That is about all I can do until we can get together in force and show Washington that not only I, but millions like me are fed up!

Let's march!

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