Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Terrorism and the Media

There is a trial going on in California concerning terrorism that is not getting much attention from the Old media. Follow the link for the story.

This is the first I have heard of this story in a while. I vaguely remember a mention of it when it first happened. Why would the so called main-stream media not pick up on this and follow it like they would a Scott Peterson or OJ Simpson? I guess you must be a celebrity to get media coverage in this country. Being a terrorists doesn't rank in their eyes.

There could be another angle. If you are on trial for terrorism links then that might make the current administration look good, like we are winning a small battle in the war against terrorism, we can't have that now can we.

Keep in mind we just had a terrorist attack at UNC Chapel Hill and already the liberal papers are refusing to use the word terrorism in their stories. Will they try and sweep this one under the rug?

What will it take in this country to get the liberal left media to wake up and see terrorism as the danger it is. Our country is infiltrated with Muslims who wish to kill Americans and all infidels who they say is anyone who does not believe in Islam.

Just like a virus, they will eventually cause great harm to us if we do not take steps to eradicate them or neutralize them somehow. The media seems to be on the wrong side of this issue time after time unless of course they can somehow use it to make the Bush administration look bad, like in this Dubai Ports deal. This is a perfect illustration of the bias they work under. Although I agree that this Port deal is a bad idea it still highlights how they will pick up on an issue only if it is at odds with the Bush team and prominent Democrats are against it.

Now ask yourself this question. If President Bush had come out against this from the beginning would the Democrats and the left wing media be calling him and his people racists for profiling the Arabs in Dubai and labeling them as terrorists???

Think about it, it would be consistent. That is why I think this whole deal is just politics and nothing more and that is on both sides of the aisle.

Finally we must pray for our leaders as Christ said we should and it wouldn't hurt to pray for the media as well. I think they need divine help just as much as anyone....

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