Saturday, March 25, 2006

An open letter to the American Press

What if the media in the United States was really objective and balanced?

What if they really tried to gives us a balanced view or both sides to every story?

What if they did not have an agenda that was aligned with one of our two political parties?

The so called Main Stream Media here which some might say includes "ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, NYT, Washington Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, I think you get the picture, (For the record the WSJ does have a decent editorial page) has an agenda which is not truly to just report the news but to report the news as they see it.

You know what? I agree! Surprise, surprise, surprise! Thanks Gomer!

If you remember the Vietnam War it was a war where the USA was trying to stop the spread of Communism from North Vietnam to South Vietnam. We wound up losing that war or pulling out due to pressure back home because the press was able to turn the opinion of Americans sour on this war with their reporting of body counts. This pullout by the way lead to the death of over 2 million Vietnamese. Thanks uncle Walter!

Now I'll admit that the body counts were unbelievable (58,000) and I can see how it would have been hard to support that war. Yet in this current conflict the American media is trying to pull the same stunt with the Iraq war but since they no longer have the ear of the public they way they did in years past they are struggling in their endeavor to change public opinion.

In fact it seems that they are willing to now make up stories and rig polls to make their POV jibe with what they want public opinion to be. Over the past few years the press in this country has been caught with it's hand in the proverbial cookie jar time after time. From Dan Rather and his memos to Jason Blair and the NYT to recently this ABC exec and his email stating how Bush makes him sick. For some reason the institutions of the free press in the USA only seem to employ a bunch of lefty's who hate Bush or are anti-military. This is not what our founding fathers wanted the press to be. They wanted it to be free and report on the goings on of the political crowd but not this one sided.

I challenge you folks in the press to be more objective. Hey even us conservatives are not always happy with Bush, Cheney and Rice but we say it when we think they are out of line. Yet we are willing to support them when they are right. Let's get a balanced view of Iraq. Give us some stories about how much progress has been made in all aspects of the country not just the latest death toll. Can you do that? If so I might actually watch one of your news stations for more than a millisecond as I am channel surfing.

So far, thanks for nothing!

JD Pearce

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