Monday, February 27, 2006

Political Blunder


I normally take time and space here talking about how Democrats have opened the door right into their own nose on one issue after another. Today however I am talking about President Bush and his latest blunder over this Port deal.
Check out this link for a good article on said deal.

There are many angles to look at this situation from but let's explore two here. First from the Presidents POV and then the perception of the majority of the American people.

The President says it is all OK, don't worry about it his people have checked out the deal and there are no problems because the UAE is an ally in the War on Terror. Normally I trust this President to do the right thing but in the case of border security he has a very scketchy history and it seems the same here with ports. Why? I just can't explain it but when all else fails follow the money or the votes. I say if what the administration has said about top level cabinet officials not knowing about this deal is true then they are negligent in their duties. Some heads should roll.

Now let's look at it from the peoples POV. We see on the surface of this deal that an Arab company with ties to 9/11 purchasing ports into our country. It's that simple. Why give people (who have the potential to do us harm) access to our Port security? Even if they will not actually run the Ports but only sign the checks as some have said, they still could have access to sensitive security intelligence that could compromise our safety.

So you tell me. Do you want this deal pushed through without a complete and open investigation?

I must break ranks with the Administration here and join with both Democrats and Republicans who are calling for such and investigation.

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