Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Morning

I have been up since six. It is a beautiful day, Praise God! I am filled with the spirit today no doubt. I did my normal routine this morning and after reading the news and sending out my emails I went for a dip in the Hot-Tub. We have really been using it a lot since we had it repaired this past fall and I am in it nearly every day lately. In fact I have been working on the circuit board trying to determine what makes the pump work intermittently. I think I have it fixed now after disconnecting some contacts that seemed to be causing it to malfunction. It has been working properly for the past few days.

Anyway on to my original point.

As I was in the Hot-Tub this morning, submerged up to my neck and enjoying the sensation of 100 degree water surging all around me I thought about how this invention was just another copy of what God has already created for us in nature. Most everything man does is a copy of something God has already done in nature. His omnipotent intelligence dwarfs anything man has or ever will accomplish.

Since I have been saved and baptized I have been ascending higher and higher into the spiritual realm of God, learning from his scriptures and casting off my own sinful nature. I am at peace in my mind, heart and soul knowing that I truly am a disciple of Christ and that my name is sealed in the book of life for all eternity.

PRAISE GOD for his grace and mercy, his forgiveness of my sin and his sacrifice for all mankind.

I was deep in thought this morning with nothing but the words of God and his goodness cascading through my mind. It was pure and clean and I felt as if I was so close to God that it was like the Holy Spirit was moving through my body and mind just as the water was surging all around me. Once my experience was over I was just left amazed at the power of the words I had thought and felt in my heart and soul and how God has changed me as a person.

Looking back at the man who lived a life of sinful thoughts and deeds for so many years I hardly seem like the same person in my own mind. Even though I was probably considered to be a nice or good person to most who have known me nearly all my life I was not. My mind has been so full of sinful thoughts and my actions were always tainted with the sinful nature I was born and raised with. Until I was sealed by the blood of Christ I was not worthy to carry this new mantle of a true believer, a Christian.

Praise God for his power to transform a sinner and his mercy for my soul. I hope and pray that God will use me as his instrument to help bring others to his fold, forgiving them and opening their hearts to the forgiveness they must afford others. Alleluia!

My journey has been a long one full of struggles to pale to mention here but I have come to a crossroads in my life now. I have begun to shed my shell, the old life, the old skin, no longer can contain the light and grace of God found within me. The new creature to emerge from within me is bigger, stronger and more pleasing to God than ever before. I will fly with the wings of grace and share my story with all who will listen. With Gods mercy all those who seek the truth may come to understand the freedom of Christ in your heart and the goodness that follows with it. With the hope of Jesus those who trust in him will learn to shed their true sinful nature and follow in the footsteps of he who is sinless.

Praise God for his words and his truth opened up before me and all Christians who follow in that truth. My cups surely do overfloweth with his love and the peace of knowing that I will eat from the tree of life in a kingdom eternal.

Praise God for his mercy on us all who have sinned and dropped to our knees begging for his forgiveness. Praise God for his love and his kindness towards the poor unfortunate souls who have been lost but now are found.

It is my hope that all who are lost and blind will be struck down in the middle of the road like Sol (Paul) on the road to Damascus and the lord will tell them to no longer deny him or persecute him so that they too will share in the glory of eternal life and peace.

It is my hope that all my brothers, my family and all Gods children will see his glory and accept his sacrifice as the way.

My hope springs eternal for all of my friends who I want to share these words with and share my eternal life with.

May the peace and love of Christ be with you and I for all time.

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