Monday, May 16, 2005

The Leftist Media

You often hear or read folks like me on the right lambasting the Old Media for being a liberal mouthpiece for the left side of the political force here and abroad. Perhaps we have not made it clear in the past how dangerous it can be when these so called reporters print a story citing something our military did such as the Abu Grahib prison scandal. However the fact that someone prints an unvetted story can have serious repercussions. When a reporter lies or prints something false people can die due to their lack of professionalism. We have had a terrible incident recently of Newsweek printing an article that accused some of our interrogators desecrating a Koran in Guantanamo by flushing it down the toilet of even worse by urinating on it first. Turns out this was a false story but this reporter did not verify the story was true and Newsweek printed it just because?

This single story has sparked violent protests in many Muslim countries and many deaths have been reported. Now let me ask you, do you think this magazine went with this story because it was a good story or because it fit their anti-war agenda? You decide. Here is the link to the latest report on this story.

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