Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What The ?????

I don't get it! I have complained about the media in this country for years along with many other conservatives and it seems the left continues to deny that the Old Media here in the USA is biased towards or in favor of Democrats. Let me give you a really good example of what I mean then I'll shut up.

Recently the Democrats have had a really good time with the media going full throttle to try and damage Tom Delay and his reputation. Fortunately Mr. Delay is a courageous man and has not backed down from these character assassins but the media and the Democrats in Washington did their best to try and make him resign. Turns out that many Democrats and Republicans in Washington were guilty of doing what Delay did and worse but the Old Media wanted no part of reporting it.

Hmmmm. Leftist Media Bias anyone, anyone????????

Anther huge story of late is David Rosen the man who managed Hillary Clinton's money in her Senate campaign is on trial for fundraising impropriety. Seems he mis-reported about $800,000.00 that was spent on a Gala Hollywood event thrown for Mrs. Clinton and in the ensuing investigation some tapes were made that have revealed even more seedy activity in that ordeal that may include prostitution. Yet the Old Media does not want to report on this story. When it does, it is not front page news but buried somewhere in the paper. I also heard that the Judge in this case made it plain to the jury that this in no way reflects on Mrs. Clinton. Double hmmmm.

Not only is this a fine example of Old Media bias it seems we have a little problem here with bias in the court room with a Clinton appointee. Now let me ask you an honest question. If this was a Republican, let's say Dick Cheney or Tom Delay would it be front page news??? How about the lead story every day for a week or two on ABC, NBC, CBS or Newsweek? Have you even heard anything about this trial in any of these venues????

I suppose I have made my point but hey, I'm just a right wing whacko!

Here is a link to a story about the Clinton/Rosen scandal from CNN. Take a look at the angle they use to report the story. It is amusing and points to my assertion.

Just for fun do a search on Tom Delay. Take a look at the news outlets that covered the Delay story and the words used in the approach to the story. Then do the same on the Clinton/Rosen story and compare the two. You will find that most all major Old Media outlets covered the Delay story. Wonder what you will find about the Clinton story?

Have a blessed day!

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