Saturday, May 07, 2005

America Today

I love my country! Praise be to God that I was born here in the USA and not in some third world country where food is something not easy to come by and electricity is considered a luxury. I hear plenty of people here in this country bitch and moan about this and that (me too sometimes) but we should all be happy as pigs in a mudhole that we are Americans because we have so much to be thankful for. With that said I want to bitch and complain a bit. hehehe

Politics - Most of you who know me know that I am a guy who follows politics on a national level as well as local. I am a conservative so I support many of the Republican issues (not all) however let me say this. I am sick and tired of the Democratic party and some Republicrats (my word) who are fighting this President tooth and claw just because they do not want him to have any more successes while in office. Here we finally have a guy in the White House with enough guts to try and accomplish BIG things unlike many of his predecessors and he his being stifled at every turn by people who want to keep things as is in Washington so that they have political issues to use against the other party.

Social Security - We truly need to fix it and Bush is leading the way. Do you know that most federal employees have their own private accounts that they can invest in like the ones Bush is proposing for every American as an option yet Democrats oppose it. Do you know that the teachers unions who oppose this plan also have their own private accounts? Yet they oppose every American having that option. Can you tell me why having the ability to invest some of YOUR OWN MONEY in the market instead of turning it all over to politicians in Washington to spend on their favorite pork projects is a bad idea? Can you tell me why average Americans having MORE money at retirement is a bad idea? Can you tell me why Americans having some of their OWN MONEY to leave to their spouses or children instead of just giving it to Washington politicians is a bad idea? Why do you think Democrats oppose Bush on fixing SS? In my humble opinion they want to keep the issue alive so solving the problem would hurt them politically. They have offered no solutions so far and have only tried to stop Bush from fixing the problem. It seems that they DO NOT want more Americans keeping more of their own money because that would make them less dependent on government. This makes me sick and angry that people elected to the government are not acting in the best interest of the people but in the best interest of their party.

Government Schools - The public school system in the USA is a tragedy. Day after day, story after story comes out about kids who are out of control in these schools. Parents who could care less drop these kids off at what has become one of the most dangerous and humongus day care centers in the universe. No discipline in schools has lead to kids having sex in school, (oral sex in the public school system is out of control) carrying guns and using them in school, fighting teachers and doing everything but learning. Republicans want to offer parents options so that they can pull their kids out of these so called schools and put them in proven effective private schools yet the democrats want no part of it. Why? Because they want kids to be ignorant so they will continue to vote for Democrats and live in liberal sponsored ghettos? Teachers are in bed with the democrats because the teachers union is one of the largest democrat voting blocks that exist today. In the meantime kids are raped, beaten, shot, bullied, and fed liberal crap instead of being taught reading, writing and math. They continue to be forced to go to terrible schools where they cannot learn. Private schools are the only solution. Democrats want your kids in horrible public schools no matter what the consequences are. You do the math.

War on Terrorism - Bush lied people died. Blah, blah, blah. So what. Do you know that we have been at war for two years and only about 1500 of our soldiers have died in combat? Most of them accidents or friendly fire. God bless them all and their families but in the scheme of things this is an amazing statistic! Compare these numbers to WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam or the Civil War and you have no comparison. This is a remarkable victory. Bush and his team have begun to change the face of the middle east by removing Saddam Hussein and routing the Taliban. The war on terrorism is a BIG SUCCESS but democrats want you to believe it is a failure. It is shameful how these people will exploit anything to try and make the other party look bad in the eyes of ignorant, uninformed people all over the world. Folks we are in the first throes of a Holy War here between radical Islamic terrorists all over the world and everyone else. They want the entire world to conform to their sick way of life and they will kill every Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Jew that they can. They really want to take down America because they know we are the ONLY ones who can defeat them. Let me ask you this. If the fundamentalist Islamic radicals think we are such infidels and perverts why is their religion based on a principal that when you die you go to paradise and spend eternity with 72 virgins? What do you think these people intend to do with these virgins? It's all about sex! They want to deflower these young girls in heaven! That my friend sounds perverted to me. I don't know about you but people who think it is OK to blow up your own body and kill dozens if not thousands of innocent people just so you can have sex with 72 virgins is about as sick and idea of life and afterlife as I can imagine. We must fight these people and destroy them before they destroy us. Democrats want us to talk to them, make peace with them, try not to upset them. Again the party of peace is short sighted and would rather use your anger against Bush to defeat Republicans at the polls than protect America from death and Terror at the hands of these crazy Islamic radicals!

The Media - Wow! Some of the crap that comes out of the media today is really overwhelming. However there is good news. The OLD Media no longer has the power it used to have. Thanks to the New Media. That is Talk Radio, Cable news (FOX) the internet, blogs, etc.. It used to be when we were younger that if we heard it on the news (CBS, NBC, ABC) we took it for the truth. The same with news papers. If we read it there we thought it must be true. AAANNNNK! Wrong! Turns out that all this time they were spinning and telling us the news they wanted us to hear, Their own special version of the news. Now we get both sides of the story and can make up our own minds. No longer can Dan Rather get on TV and lie through his teeth to try and bring down a President that he does not agree with. I am still stunned at some of the crapola I hear and read coming from the OLD media (as I like to call it) but onward they march to the tune of the democratic party doing their stalwart best to denounce Republicans, Conservatives and Christians. Yet we have our own Generals fighting for us in this war against abounding ignorance. Now in the NEW media, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, Glenn Beck (that sick freak) Bill O'Reilly and dozens of others get out each and every day and counter the leftist media sycophants who love democrats and all things that hurt Bush or anyone who supports him.

George W. Bush - As you know I am a supporter. He has done a great job in many respects and is trying to fix major problems here in the USA including Social Security and the Tax Code. He is also doing a great job in the Middle East. Unfortunately for him and us there are politicians in Washington who are hell bent on stopping anything Bush proposes. These people such as Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Howard Dean and many others are the worst politicians I have ever seen. These people are very dangerous to this country and should be sent home not reelected. Most of them have not an ounce of common sense.

Border Problem - Now Mr. President if I could bend your ear I would tell you this, thanks for all you have done but hear this!. PROTECT OUR BORDERS!!!!! Until you does this I see it as a major mistake. Your lack of concern for the borders leads me to believe that you care more about votes for the party than keeping thugs and terrorists out of this country. If a nuke is detonated in the USA and it is found out that it was brought in here due to your lax stance on the borders your legacy will be just that. WAKE UP!!!! Take care of this problem and you will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents of all time. If you don't you will be seen as a man who had great vision but in the end politics clouded your vision and you ultimately failed to protect this great country. Your swore before GOD and all of us you would uphold and defend the Constitution and America.

DO IT!!!!!!!!

Peace be with you

Write on!


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