Thursday, February 10, 2005

Back to work!


It is back to work for me after enjoying a nice week long vacation in Florida with my lovely wife. We went to Palm Beach for some relaxing time on the sunny, sandy, shores of Singer Island. We also spent some time in Key West, a place I had wanted to go for many years. I was not disappointed.

We really enjoyed it and I hope to return there soon. Next time I want to stay in Key west for a week! I had a drink at Sloppy Joe's and got to visit the home of Ernest Hemingway! WOW! What a thrill that was for me. I only hope that some of his karma, perhaps an atom, dislodged from a book or painting in his study, that lingered there for decades, will work it's way into my being so that I may experience a Hemingway moment someday and write something that will be inspiring. I got some great pictures at his house and lots of wonderful memories of the entire trip but alas, it is over and now it is time to tackle the day to day here in Charlotte once again.

I have to comment on this so called professor Churchill in Colorado. It is obvious he has a severely warped view of the United States and is passing on this sickness to his students. This makes him a dangerous man and for this reason I do hope he is fired from his position at the school. However I will defend his right to free speech. As far as I am concerned he does have the right to say what he pleases. I also defend the right of those in power over this nut to fire him as free speech is not without consequence in this country. Many parents do not want the minds of their young ones being corrupted by this dribble.

Mr. Churchill, you may stand on the street corner and scream your tainted views at the top of your lungs as far as I am concerned but if you spew your painful verbiage that is obviously insulting to others you may wind up suffering some type of pain yourself. That is the way of the world my malcontent friend. Karma has a way of slapping you in the face.

So speak on Mr. Professor. Let your views be heard from corner to corner of this great country and you will find yourself on the receiving end of the age old saying, "You reap what you sow." By the way, Bill O'Reilly has a good column on this guy. Check out this link here. This may be the last day for it.

Also in the news it seems the left is out to get Bill Cosby now. My gut tells me they want him to shut up. He is causing some defection from the democratic party so they are digging up some dirt on him to keep him busy in court so he can't continue his speech that is causing many blacks and whites to really look hard at the black community and it's problems. I must say I am not ready to convict the Cos but if this stuff is true, he will also have to pay the piper. You can't behave like that if you are a high profile person and not expect the karma to come back and get you at some point. Especially after you have made enemies like Mr. Cosby has of late. I wish him luck and I pray these stories are false. He is a role model and I want him to stay that way. If you want you can read some of the allegations against Cosby here.

That about sums it up for today! It is hump day so pretty soon it will all be down hill from here.

Have a great rest of the week!

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