Saturday, January 21, 2017

Setting Goals for 2017

This is an article I published on Linkedin..

Some folks are goal oriented, others are not. Perhaps they don't like setting goals for fear of not achieving them and then being disappointed. Whatever the reason, it is my firm belief that we need to set goals. 
Here's why!
This is how we hold ourselves accountable and how we move ahead and achieve the objectives we desire. Whether it's our business or personal lives, we must be able to measure what we are doing to determine how we are doing. Just like when a company asks you to evaluate their performance, this is key to improving. So next time you sit down to reflect upon your life and where you are now, as opposed to where you want to be, set some goals and start working to make things happen.
It can be as simple as this, for example:
What do I want to accomplish in 2017?
  1. Pray More
  2. Spend more time with family
  3. Read More books
  4. Play guitar more
  5. Be kinder to everyone
  6. Go to Church more
  7. Spend less on credit cards
  8. Meet new people
  9. Exercise more
  10. Write more
So you see, it's easy to come up with items you would like to improve upon, the key is to write it down and put it somewhere where you will read it and be reminded of it each day or maybe each week. Keep a journal if you like to write and monitor your own progress.
If you are really ambitious you can set lofty goals like this!
  1. Start a new business
  2. Do 25 sales call a week
  3. Build my Dream Home
  4. Lose 30 pounds
  5. Travel around the World
You can go slow or you can go BIG, it's all up to you. One thing to keep in mind, try to make goals attainable, if you shoot for the moon, sometimes you don't make it all the way and it can be discouraging. Start small and work you way up to BIG!
Good Luck and go out and make it happen this year, all you need is a good attitude, a good network and a goal oriented vision of where you want to go.
Happy Trails!
JD Pearce

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