Thursday, July 24, 2014

Goodbye America

Is America as we know her gone for good?  It seems so to me.

The more I follow the news, the sicker I get.  With the current crop of corrupt politicians in charge it seems worse than ever.  Obama and his scandal ridden regime has flat out said he wanted to fundamentally change America and his changes have all been for the worse.  Let's look just a few of his scandals..

 He and Eric Holder are the two lead bad guys in an ever expanding criminal enterprise known as the Executive Branch and the Justice Department.  Then you've got the supporting cast of criminals like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Valeri Jarrett and so on.

 The first BIG scandal was Fast and Furious, a gun running scheme gone terribly wrong.  They (Holder) wanted to put pressure on pro gun America by using the gun shops near the border and setting up a scenario where guns bought at these gun shop were used  in Mexico. They thought they could turn the tide of opinion against the supporters of the second amendment.  It back fired on them and a border agent was killed along with hundreds of innocents in Mexico.  Eric Holder being the chief law enforcement officer of the USA has stonewalled his way through the hearings and was found in contempt.  He is still not talking.

Then there came Obamacare, they shoved this law down our throats when no one but Democrats wanted it and Pelosi said you have to pass it to learn what's in it.  Now, the President has used executive orders to change it over 70 times to try and make a horrible piece of legislation workable and it still is an albatross around his and every democrats neck.  Hopefully we will find out just how bad in November of this year.

Benghazi, another weapons running scheme gone terribly wrong.  Our own Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens brutally murdered along with two brave ex Navy Seals, Tyrone Woods and Glen Dohetry and information officer Sean Smith.  From the President on down they have lied and stonewalled the investigation into this.  Hillary Clinton was been quoted as saying "What difference does it Make" in a hearing.  Now more than two years later they have arrested a man they say was responsible for some of the brutality, too little too late.

We also have the IRS scandal, where the President and his cronies used the IRS as a tool to hammer their opponents into submission so they could win the 2012 election.  Well it worked and now they have destroyed emails and hard drives to try and cover up this criminal behavior and like all counts before, nothing is being done about it.

The list of scandalous and criminal behavior doesn't stop at the White House, the Justice Dept., or the Senate floor where Harry Reid changed the rules in the Senate in order to appoint liberal judges to pack the circuit courts to save Obamacare, it also rests squarely on the shoulders of a press gone missing.  In fact the press these days, other than Fox News or right wing radio, is nothing more than an extension of the liberal wing of the democrat party.  They cover for this President and his cronies left and right trying to prop them up and keep them from collapsing from the weight of their incompetent and scandalous behavior.

The full list of scandals is too long for me to get into but if you want more follow this link!

Yes friends, America has changed and if we don't watch out the Progressive liberals will destroy her from within.  They have made much headway under Obama. Will we be able to slow the tide of destruction or is America doomed to fall under the weight of it's own corruption and bloated, out of control government...

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