Monday, March 10, 2014

What are YOU waiting for? Let's get started!!!

I was looking back through some old posts from earlier this year and thought I would re-post this one after doing a little editing and up dating.

First of all another major goal of mine has been accomplished in early July of this year.  I was awarded my second black belt, this time in Combat Hapkido!  It took four years of training but it was well worth the hard work and many injuries involved.  Now, I am in pursuit of my 2nd Dan in Aikido and Combat Hapikdo.  I intend to pursue my third black belt soon.  I am trying to decided which martial art to take on next, it might be Judo!

It seems I have always been a late bloomer.  Well, maybe not in all things but in accomplishing some goals I have just now began a phase of my life where I feel like I need to get things done before it's too late.  My first Black belt in Aikido came at age 51.  I did not discover I could really sing until I was in my 40's and now I am in my first Praise Band at 52 as well as now singing tenor in choir after several years as a bass/baritone.  I starting playing the guitar seriously at about age 47.  I bought my first Mustang at age 45, (got my second one about a month ago!)  I was  Baptized about in my late forties too. See the pattern?

I guess my point is you are never too old to fulfill your dreams and it's never too late to start pursuing a dream or a desire you have always had. I still have things I want to do and see before I move on to eternity.  I have a secret desire to audition for America's got talent!  I meant to last time they were here but it got past me before I realized they had come and gone...  I have also always wanted to be ripped.  Yeah maybe it's silly but hey it's my life and my body, I want to achieve this goal before I die and I have taken on a one year fitness challenge to make it happen!  Here's a pic of a 60 year old I ran across on the web, his name is Mark Sisson.  He's ripped and looks good but he has an advantage, he was a triathlete when he was younger and he has managed to stay in top condition.

 I am starting this journey from a different place altogether...

What is it you want to do?  Do you have a bucket list?

I have done allot in my life, traveled to many places, met interesting people, accomplished many goals but it seems there is so much more.  Truly, I say that pleasing GOD is my ultimate goal.  Meeting Jesus Christ is my number ONE objective but I can wait, it does not have to be today or tomorrow.  If I have ten or twenty or even thirty more years here on earth, I want to see what else I can do before I go. Let's see, win the lottery?   Build my dream Cabin?  Travel to Europe, Japan, Australia?  There is much, much more to do!!!

 What will you do to follow your dream?

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