Monday, March 24, 2014

NOAH ~ The movie

There’s allot of talk about this movie. 

 I have been anticipating the release in hopes of seeing it soon!  Now, I hear they have chosen to NOT use the word GOD in the movie going with creator instead.  My first reaction was negative and had thoughts of not going after all.  Yet, I decided to give it some more thought.  After hearing the directors explanation of why they chose to go with creator instead of God,  I remembered some of the bible studies I have attended over the years.  There were many other words used in past times such as Yahweh, Elohim, Adonai, Theos and Deus to name only a few.  In fact the word “God” as far as we know, may not existed yet in the time of Noah or even Christ.  It is a term which has origins in indo-Europe.
A significant number of scholars have connected this root with the names of three related Germanic tribes: the Geats, the Goths and the Gutar. These names may be derived from an eponymous chieftain Gaut, who was subsequently deified. He also sometimes appears in early Medieval sagas as a name of Odin or one of his descendants, a former king of the Geats (Gaut(i)), an ancestor of the Gutar (Guti), of the Goths (Gothus) and of the royal line of Wessex (Geats) and as a previous hero of the Goths (Gapt). Some variant forms of the name Odin such as the Lombardic Godan may point in the direction that the Lombardic form actually comes from Proto-Germanic *ǥuđánaz. Wōdanaz or Wōđinaz is the reconstructed Proto-Germanic name of a god of Germanic paganism, known as Odin in Norse mythology, Wōden in Old English, Wodan or Wotan in Old High German and Godan in the Lombardic language. Godan was shortened to God over time and was adopted/retained by the Germanic peoples of the British isles as the name of their deity, in lieu of the Latin word Deus used by the Latin speaking Christian church, after conversion to Christianity...
Here’s another source.
So, What do you think?  I still want to see the movie?  I think it is going to be good no matter what.  The Noah story is one of my favorites and is beloved by many if not most Christians I know. 


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