Friday, November 04, 2011

OWS for what it's worth

I have been paying close attention to the OWS movemeent. Considering the so called Arab Spring or (Sharia Summer) as I like to call it, many have predicted this would come to America and it finally has. Violence has broken out on Oakland, California - Surprise! Who'd have thought!
After watching this transpire for several weeks now I must admit I am glad this has happened. No, not the violence but the coming out of the Marxist, Communist, Socialist Democrats here in the USA. You see these college kids have all been turned into some form of Marxist by their college professors and they have all been indoctrinated into believing Capitalism is bad, Communism good! Now they are demanding that the capitalist system be destroyed and that a communist state take it's place. It is wide open for all the world to see and most all the Democrats including Obama have embraced them.
So, all the fools who ctiticized FOX News for breaking the stories about Obama and his Marxist pals 3 years ago can now sit back and say, oops! We have now inadvertantly proven their point! The right has been trying to tell the public for years about the leftists and communists that have infilitrated the higher learning institutions of America and what they are doing to the college kids. The so called main stream media leftists are the result of those college classes in journalism and whatever else it is they are required to take. The President and his wife are both results of the indocrination machine at Columbia, Yale, Harvard. They all teach the same stuff. America bad, Socilaism good.
So America, the proof is right before your very eyes on the news every day. Can you see it now?

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