Monday, March 12, 2007

Still Juicing

Here I am about 50 plus days into my juicing experiment. What have I learned so far? Well I have lost close to 15 pounds. This change in lifestyle has worked for me. Of course you must consider I have dropped soda's and sweet tea from my diet and most deserts. I do splurge once in a while in that arena (deserts) but not often. Since I am still working out regularly I am adding a good bit of muscle to my frame. I suppose muscle is just as heavy as fat so I probably could have lost even more weight than I have. I am at about 185 right now down from 199 a few months ago.

I am not juicing twice a day as I had intended. I tried it and it just did not work with my schedule or lifestyle. I am trying to stick with once per day and now I am playing with the idea of moving my juice time to later in the evening. I am one of those folks who will get the urge to eat around 9:00 PM if I have and early dinner which I prefer. Then I put all that food (often a sandwich or a bowl of cereal) in my stomach and it sits there over night turning to fat. If I replace that urge to something substantial with a nice glass of fresh juice I think it will have a tremendous positive impact. I did it last night and I feel great this morning other than a headache from going without food for more than 12 hours. I will get used to it and I may add a banana to the equation in the future or some other fruit. That should also help with regularity.

It will of course take some experimenting and tweaking but I think I am on the right track here to continue my journey back to better health and to great shape. So far so good!

In the meantime go see the movie "300" and you will see the kind of body I am trying to build.

Good health to you and may God bless you, me and the USA!!!!

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