Friday, March 23, 2007

300 The Movie

I just returned from the movie 300. I saw it again tonight, this time with no children in the theater. I enjoyed it as much if not more this time around. What a movie! This is the epitome of a ancient war movie and the special effects blended with the acting, fight scenes and the subject matter have made this one of the best films I have ever seen. I am truly blown away by the story, with the history behind it, with the cinematography, special effects, acting and directing. This movie is a true example of what a film maker can do with an exceptional script, great actors and a crew of people who know what they are doing....

Now before you rush out and see this movie you have to understand that it is EXTREMELY violent. There is nudity and sexual situations. It is not for kids under 17 or is it for the faint of heart. This movie is for hard core action film fans who do not mind seeing blood and gore as well as some sex. I can deal with all of this if it is in the right context and not done just for the indulgence of a perverted film maker.

I grew up reading Robert E. Howard and other great story tellers who knew how to present these things in a story properly and this is along that vain. So if you are a Howard fan and enjoy writers like R.A. Salvatore, James Silke's "Prisoner of the Horned Helmet", Hercules and other similar heroic adventures you should really enjoy this movie....

It is one for the collection.

Have a great weekend and God Bless!

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