Friday, August 18, 2006

Walmart is Evil?

I am sick of hearing about people trashing Walmart. Why do you suppose many politicians on the left want to demonize this company. They seem to think Walmart is evil! I do not shop at Walmart that often but when I do the prices are very low and that would seem to be a good thing for lower income people. They seem to be providing a lot of jobs for people all over that country and that is also a good thing for lower income folks. A steady paycheck is a good thing right?

One Senator said this:

"My problem with Wal-Mart is that I don't see any indication that they care about the fate of middle-class people. They talk about paying them $10 an hour. That's true. How can you live a middle-class life on that?"

Hmmm, since when does every American have the right to live a "middle class" lifestyle? I thought that was something that you earned by years of struggle and hard work. So is this Senator saying that all Americans should be living a "middle class" lifestyle now? Is the government going to provide this for everyone? Also, what is so bad about $10 an hour? That sounds like a good salary to start off with to me. My son just started a job at that salary. I think it was generous.

Perhaps Walmart is supposed to provide all it's employees with a big enough salary to live a "middle class" lifestyle. How about $20 an hour, yeah that will be a good start then a $5 raise after 3 months. Honestly, what planet does this nut come from. Has he lived such a cushy lifestyle that he does not understand the basics of starting out and working your way up the ladder? Does he not know that businesses like Walmart have to pay starting employee's lower salaries then allow them to work their way up into management for the higher paying jobs? This guy has probably not worked a day in his life.

Senator Biden, let me explain something to you. In America and throughout the world most societies have three classes of citizens. That would be upper, middle and lower class, or you can substitute the word income for class if you find that too politically incorrect. No one has the right to be either of these classes this is something we as Americans have the opportunity to earn. When you work hard, make good life choices and find yourself succeeding in life you can make it to middle and upper class life. If you choose to stay uneducated, lazy or you make really bad decisions in life you may wind up staying in the lower class bracket. America has many of those people and believe it or not they do have a role to play within our society.

This is common sense Senator you might want to try it sometime.

OK, I will step down now and allow someone else to comment. What say you?

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