Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday again, a few thoughts

I have just been reading about the missing FOX news guys. I will pray for their safe return and I hope we will do something about the kidnapping. My question is what should we do? Will we ignore it and let the Hamas group responsible suffer no repercussions?

I also have been somewhat disturbed by the fascination of the media with the Jonbenet Ramsey resurrection. They have gone off the deep end again. This weird guy that has confessed to the murder is a dellusional pervert. Why they are feeding him the attention he so obviously craves is beyond me.

I myself have just returned from Georgia. We had a little weekend visit down there and went to Stone Mountain. Wow, has that place changed. They have added all kinds of stuff there making a mini theme park out of it. It was better than I remembered and a lot more people at $22 a head for an all access ticket. Money, money and more money!

I have to say something about parents and how they raise their kids these days. It seems to me that parents are lazy. They find it easier to allow their kids to get away with about anything and then give in to their kids whims and wishes without much of a fight. It is obviously the easy way for parents to react to stressful situations. Discipline is a tough job and your kids will not like you when you do it. Yet they will love you even more if you take a tough stance and stick to your guns than if you roll over and allow them to always have their way.

I have been faced with many examples of this lazy behavior on the behalf of parents over the years and it saddens me to think that these folks shy away from the tough work in raising their kids. Not willing to deal with the consequences of saying no or spanking a kid when they really need it. Unfortunately if you don't you wind up with a kid that runs your house and makes you look like a fool. This has even more dreadful consequences as the kid gets older and has not had proper discipline. Sometimes they turn out OK but you never really know until it is time to see them go out on their own. I know first hand what some kids turn out like who were not raised properly and it is not pretty. You parents need to wake up!

My advice, teach your kids early what it takes to survive in the real world and do it with discipline. They must learn to respect you. I don't mean beating on your kids but they need to know that you have the authority in the house not them. When they get out in the real world, working for different bosses, they will have to deal with authority and it is harder for them to adapt if they never took you serious as an authority figure.

Just my two cents.

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