Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What's new?

All the news that is news, good, bad and ugly. You can add funny in there too I suppose!

First off I'd like to point out that Puff Daddy and his Rock the Vote crew are at it again. They had so much success at registering young democrats to defeat W (Yeah Right) that they now are taking W on again with the Social Security issue. Their official stance is to say no to private accounts and get this, here's a quote from one of their spokespeople:

"To us, it's totally black and white. This is the first generation ever that would be asked to pay for their own retirement and Social Security at the same time. This is what private accounts do. They saddle young people with an unfair burden."

Huh? Did I miss something here? OK, I know most of these kids go to government schools so I have to give then some slack for that yet whoever this spokesperson is that is speaking on behalf of Rock the Vote must be and uninformed idiot! Who the heck does he think has been paying for Social Security, Santa Claus? Privat accounts causing an unfair burden? What???? I guess having more money to spend when you retire could be a burden to some but I will gladly take that burden when I hit 65. Go ahead, double my money you rat B@st&rds!

Here's another catch phrase they are using. "All the cool kids oppose privatization." As Micheal Jackson would say, He, he - Hmmm, replace cool with dumb and you might be more factually accurate. Wonder how much money the DNC is paying MTV for this official stance on SS?

It's so funny it is sad to think this is the best of the MTV generation flexing their political muscles here. Even funnier is tha fact that if you go to their blog more of the kids who are posting are for privatization or for eliminating social security all together than not. Maybe they are not so dumb after all.

OK on to more important news: The Minute Men are helping secure our borders. Down in Arizona a group of nearly 1000 people are assisting the border patrol in spotting illegals crossing into our country. As you know our borders are being skewered by these illegals each and every day and it is very possible that terrorsits are among them. Since W and his cabinet will not do anything about it the Minute Men have taken action! The sad thing about it is all the negative coverage the Old media is giving these patriots. They are helping with homeland security just as the President asked us all to after 911 and they are being demonized for it. Go figure.

I'd like to take my last moments today to say farewell to the Pope. He was a fine man and I hope he will say hello to Jesus for me when he arrives in heaven.

Gotta run.

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