Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sin City - Review

Whoa! This movie is violent! Do not take the kids to this one my friends. Some nudity as well. Shall we say profanity too!

Sin City a comic book (Graphic Novel) brought to the big screen. I have never seen the books but the previews looked interesting. Being a huge fan of fiction novels, comics and graphic novels when I was younger this peaked my interest. The cast looked really good and the black and white with some splashes of color seemed to add a noir twist that also caught my eye.

I was not disappointed. This was a good movie. Mickey Rourke stole the show with his character Marv who goes on a rampage after having spent one night with a beautiful hooker called Goldie. The carnage left in his wake is truly sickening but you seem to believe that all those who he deals death to really deserve it.

Bruce Willis also plays a good role here as a detective (Hartigan) with a bad ticker. He puts his life on the line saving a girl and fighting a corrupt system ran by an evil senator played by Powers Boothe. There are many other well known actors in this film that you will recognize and one was Elijah Wood from Lord of the Rings. He plays a nasty little villian that will surprise you. The women in this film are sexy and gorgeous not to mention dangerous. The one that really stands out is Jessica Alba (Nancy) the girl who is saved by Bruce Willis.

I have to say I enjoyed this movie although it was extremely violent. I must admit I am having second thoughts about the impact of violent movies, video games and music in our culture these days. I may not be able to recommend this movie for people who have a hard time distinguishing fiction from reality. With all the news of kids killing people these days for no other reason than it felt good or they disrespected me or my parents punished me so I shot them in the head. I have to wonder what is the real impact of this type of media on young minds who seem to be losing control of the line between right and wrong, good and evil.

I Give this a 4 out of 5 grade but this is NOT a movie for young people. Adults only!!!

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