Friday, March 25, 2005

Terri Shiavo

Well, if you have not heard about this case you just plain do not listen to the news on TV or radio and never read a news paper or any internet news. Perhaps if you live in the woods or a cave I would give you a pass but if you are at all involved in the daily grind and occasionally watch TV or turn on your car radio you probably have heard something about this case.

I am a news junkie and I have heard it all, over and over and over for the past several days and even before that. I read a column by Neal Boortz on the subject published at He is one of the few talk radio guys who does not support keeping Terri alive. He has compassionate reasons for wanting her to die but I disagree with him. Here is a letter I sent him this morning.

Hey Neal

I found your response to Rush's question intriguing. I think you are right about the soul making the transition to eternal life and certainly Terri deserves that. Yet where I part with you is here.

The life that we live here on earth is but a drop in the proverbial bucket of eternity. Should Terri remain in her current state for 5, 10 or 30 more years could be just the blink of an eye to God. He has used this woman's plight to show us many things the past week.

We have learned that many people in this country are as passionate about killing the infirm such as Terri as they are about killing the unborn. We have learned that the Judicial branch of government here in the U.S. has too much power and needs to be reigned in. We have also learned that sometimes Congress and the President will act in haste if they deem an issue important enough. We have also learned that we all need a living will. There is more here to be learned that will be revealed but I digress.

This case has taught us much and I thank God for using this poor woman to do his will. I wish her no suffering but I also know that God does work in mysterious ways and I am not smart enough to understand these ways nor shall I pass judgment on God for his motives.

I know people can be greedy and evil. My gut tells me that Terri's husband's motives are not pure. There is too much circumstantial evidence to the contrary and the fact that no judge will hear that evidence really steams me.


I left it at that with Neal but I will go a bit further here.

Where does it end? When a judge can issue a court order to starve a poor infirm woman to death and the legislative branch can convene in special session to pass a law to make a judge take a new look at the case and all the facts surrounding the case and the judge refuses, where does it end?

Our President flew from Texas to Washington to sign this emergency that many of our elected officials have traveled back to Washington to pass bill but again this was ignored. Where does it end?

If you stumble and fall, hit your head and are in the hospital, mis-diagnosed as a brain dead vegetable and have no living will. Then a judge orders you starved to death is that OK? What if you are really in there but just can't communicate, you can hear people talking about you and you know exactly what they are doing? This has happened you know. Then they pull your feeding tube and you ever so slowly dry up and die of dehydration and starvation, is that OK?

I think Not! I say Stop this madness!!!!

Think about Terri's plight today, good Friday as you contemplate the Lord's plight as he traversed the stoney path with the burden of our sins until he was crucified, dead and entombed. He did rise praise God and today sits at God's right hand. Our judgment will come and we must be prepared.

Blessed are those who seek the Lord.


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