Friday, March 25, 2005

Book Review

I just finished this book by Steven Shrewsbury. He's an up an coming author who has the talent to rival many of the greats like Steven King and Robert E. Howard. Here's my review of his latest novel called "Godforsaken." I urge you to get a copy. This will be one you'll want to read again and again over the years.



This new book by Steven Shrewsbury is already a classic in my opinion. As an avid reader of fantasy fiction who has gone through literally hundreds of books in this genre in the past 25 years I can honestly say this story is one of the finest I have ever read. Shrewsbury creates an ancient world using his vivid imagination along with much historically correct information form our own olden times. Follow a savage Celtic chieftain warrior, in a style reminiscent of Robert E. Howard’s Conan, who travels to Rome to avenge his wife and his people, then wanders the world in search of the mysterious tree of life. Along the way he battles Roman gladiators, befriends a Christian apostle, and engages in a conflict of wits and brawn with the very Gods themselves. By the end of this book you will find you have been immersed in a world where mighty legends have been created before your very eyes. Don’t miss this stunning work of battle lust, mischievous godly magic and revelations of biblical proportions!

JD Pearce


You can order Steven's new book at either one of these links. Posted by Hello

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