Monday, February 21, 2005

Mission Accomplished!

Well, almost.

I have finanlly completed a project over 15 years in the making. Actually I have a couple of small details to work out but I am so close it isn't even funny.

The project? I am glad you asked! It is an anthology of much of my fiction work and some poetry thrown in for good measure. I have compiled the book now and still have a bit of editing left to do and I am working with a cover artist to get that very crucial part of the project done then I will be ready to publish.

The title is: Lost Lore from an Ancient Future. Cool huh! I like it.

It truly is amazing that I finally have gotten this thing nearly done. It is something I have been wanting to do for many, many years and i am really excitied about bringing it to fruition. So I still have some work to do over the next few weeks in polishing this manuscript, I better get going.



PS ~ Here is a little story I picked of the net earlier this morning I thought was interesting. I chose it because I am forever cussing at people who flip cigarettes out of their car window that bounce back at me.

Sweet Justice
A San Francisco man learned the hard way that littering -- especially burning objects -- is not a good idea. Jonathan Fish was driving across the Bay Bridge on Thursday when he tossed his cigarette out the window. But the cigarette blew back into his $30,000 Ford Expedition, igniting the back seat and filling the SUV with smoke. Fish pulled over and leaped from the flaming vehicle, which kept rolling and crashed into a guardrail. "It was in flames by the time he got out," said CHP Officer Shawn Chase. "He had some of his hair singed on the back of his head. (The car) burned down to the frame." Fish likely faces a misdemeanor charge for littering, which carries a fine of up to $1,000.
-- Debra Jones

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