Sunday, February 27, 2005

Child Support Insanity

I have heard about this story for several days now and as I was reading it this morning I could not help but comment when I remembered my own experiences in family court.

I am happy to say I am done paying child support. Of course my kid lives with me now so I still pay but I do not have to mail a check out each month to my ex-wife. That is the best part I suppose. However consider this.

A man went nuts and killed his ex, shot his own son and shot and killed others at a court house in Texas over some child support issues. Here's the link to the story. Now let me tell you this guy is hopefully burning in Hades about now and he certainly deserves it. He was no doubt insane and enraged due to his post marital situation. I have been through all that, custody battle, where I lost by the way, child support, then more child support. Constant turmoil with a very unreasonable ex. It was a nightmare and some of the worst feelings I had came when trying to get something done fair and just through the court system.

I pride myself on being a reasonable guy and I normally handle a bad situation with patience and a calm demeanor. Yet I have to admit there were times that I had thoughts of doing nutty things due to the frustration I experienced when dealing with the courts, in regards to child custody and child support issues.

My point? Glad you asked. Simply this, we need a more fair system that will not only look out for the best interest of children but will treat Fathers and Mothers in a fair, balanced, unbiased manner. No more giving one parent an unfair advantage just because of their gender. A complete thorough investigation will reveal the truth about people if it is done properly and then the right judgments can be made. The family courts in this country are so full of crap it is pathetic. Idiot judges and lawyers taking advantage of people who certainly can not afford to paying what attorney's charge them and guardian ad litems who are supposed to dig deep to find the real story but only want to find a check in the mail.

Can it be fixed? Do I have a solution? Unfortunately, no. The system is too corrupt as far as I am concerned. I know of no way to purge the system of the bad people who run it. Perhaps if we could bring in new judges and lawyers who are ethical, while weeding out the bad ones (yeah right) and we had time to treat each case properly the system would work better. I suppose that is a pipe dream though. My advice, don't get divorced if you have kids unless it is so bad that know your kids are being harmed by staying with you in a failed marriage. Once you find yourself in family court you will see what I mean.

Meanwhile people will continue to lose their minds and do crazy stuff like this idiot in Texas who shot all those people. Again, I do not condone his violence but I know how insane the court system can make you when you have already been driven nuts by an unreasonable ex wife. By the way, the story focuses on a citizen who returned fire and hit this guy, at least that's what I heard, he may have saved the kids life. Good for him! Sorry for his family though because he was shot fatally. He sacrificed his life to save that of a stranger, the ultimate good deed. Praise God!

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