Saturday, May 23, 2015

Aikido and Self Defense

Aikido gets a bad rap it seems from many folks.  I learned today that a martial artist that I have worked with for years in Combat Hapkido, thinks that the Tomiki style Aikido I have studied for over 7 years now is only Kata and sport.  I have to assume many other martial artists out there are under the same false impression.

The truth is that Tomiki Aikido does have many Kata forms but the dojo where I train does not teach Tanto Randori which is the sport aspect of Aikido.  We focus on some of the original Kata like the 15 and 17 basics as well as the Dai Ni and Dai San among other drills.

We also take time to do free style which is where we can use the techniques in a very fluid situation that simulate a real attack.  We attack from real grabs and punches as one would expect on the street.  Using the basic principles of breaking balance, focusing our Ki energy into our center, using circular motion to break the balance and perform take downs and throws we are able to make techniques work very effectively.

More on this later...

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