Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time to get serious

Over the last year or two I lost allot of weight.

When I started I was 188, by the time I was done dieting and working out I was down to 152.  Well, as I got more relaxed and fell back into my old eating habits I gained much of it back.  I am walking around at about 173-175 for the most part today.  Still well down from the original 188 so I'm happy about that.  Yet I'm ready to give it another round and lose 10 more pounds.  I went to the HT today and bought apples, oranges and carrots to use in my Jack Lalane, juicer.  I also got some bananas and  almond milk for smoothies, frozen peaches too.  I bought lettuce for lettuce wrap sandwiches, ever roast chicken and of course salad mix.

So for the next two weeks I'm going to hit it hard and lose 10 pounds.  I know I can, it's just a matter of applying myself and NOT eating donuts, chocolate covered raisins and whatever other junk I can get my hands on...

By the way, I hurt my back pretty bad about a week ago, I'm on the mend but I can't work out like I normally do so It's gonna be diet mostly that does this.  I have a scheduled Black Belt test on June 28th that I am hoping to still be able to pull off.  I'm praying for a full healing of this back. I have a great Chiropractor that is helping me recover.

I will mark my progress every time I lose 2 pounds here in the blog..



Prepared, Educated, Alert, Controlled and Engaged 

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