Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October is nearly over and the holidays are fast approaching.  This is good and bad.  Good because we all love the holidays as we get to eat really good food, spend time with family and friends, have great music and fellowship at church and of course get to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas! Praise God!!!

Bad because business usually slows down for me this time of year and the weather turns cold.  Well, I look forward to it anyway and always do.  Hopefully business will be sustainable and we can continue to push forward.

A few updates:

Janet and I just returned from Hawaii a couple of weeks ago.  We had the BEST vacation out there with my son Jason.  It was so nice to get to spend time with him and enjoy the Island of Oahu.  I took over 700 pictures and we had a lot of fun!!!  We stayed at Turtle Bay Resort for a few days then stayed in the Hawaiian Village Rainbow Tower for the rest of the trip.  What a view!  We really had a blast there and it will be hard to top this vacation, ever!

Aikido is still going strong, although I have missed quite a few classes over the past few months I am still plugging away at it and am enjoying my tenure as a black belt.  It's fun teaching others and continuing to learn from those who have much more experience than I do.

Combat Hapkido is also still moving forward.  I received my red belt with black stripe last month and I am working on my black belt with white stripe.  Shodan will come after that and I will then carry two black belts in two different martial arts.  Looking forward to being honored by the Grand Master next August at the seminar in Southern Pines.

Pearce Deliveries has had a good summer.  Business is steady and I may be bringing back an old driver from several years ago.  We are negotiating the particulars now.  He may also have a role in sales this time around.  I really want to focus on the tire and automotive industry in 2014.  I think we can have some good success in this arena due to my experience with Firestone over the past few years.

I am now singing in both services at Church.  My mom is coming to visit us this weekend so she can come hear me sing.  I am leading a version of "I can only Imagine" this Sunday morning that sounded real good in practice last night.  We have a new choir director at the 10:30 service who is a wealth of knowledge and experience.  His name is David Tang.  I am enjoying working with him.

OK, looks like I'm all caught up.

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