Thursday, February 18, 2010

America on the Brink!

We are living in unprecedented times. Our political class has failed us, no let me re-phrase that. They have lied, cheated, robbed, and molested us all the while enriching themselves. Most of them should be in jail for what they have done to the country and to us, the citizens of this great nation.

Let’s face it folks, America is BANKRUPT! We owe more money than we can ever pay. If you add up all the un-funded liability of America’s social programs and the debt we have accumulated over the past several years it is well over 100 TRILLION dollars. Yes, it is true. However the politicians still refuse to stop spending money we don’t have and cut the programs that got us in this mess. I’m not here to blame one party or the other, they are both guilty of this malfeasance but I will say the party in power at this moment is the worst I have seen in my nearly 50 years on the planet.

With all that said here is where we are today. There is a movement in America called the Tea Party movement. Although it has been impugned by the so called Main Stream Media, which if you have not noticed lately is no longer main stream, it is a movement of grass roots people. Regular folks like you and me who love America and want to see her restored to her former glory. We have awakened from a long slumber and we don’t like what we see around us today. For far too long politicians have been allowed to run roughshod over us and it is time to take America back.

This is just the beginning, we have allot of work to do. I will be writing more on this in days and weeks to come. For now I just want to encourage each and every one of you to get involved in some way. Try to spend some time, if only and hour or two a week, getting informed and preparing yourself for what is to come. Like I said earlier America is BANKRUPT! We will have to suffer some dire consequences before we can re-right this sinking ship. We may crash before we can rebuild so be ready for the worst. Prepare yourselves for a rough ride in the next few years.

Start by reading our history. Read about the original Tea Party movement and what lead up to the Revolutionary War. You will see many parallels in how we are being treated by our leaders today and how England treated the colonists. We The People will have to take our country back from the crooks in Washington, they will not give up their power easily. Knowledge is power and history repeats itself. We can learn what is to come by knowing what has happened in the past.

Peace through preparedness!

JD Pearce ~ Patriot

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