Friday, August 28, 2009

Conservative America awakened?

I have often wondered what it would take to wake America up. Many of us said before the election of President Obama that we believed it might take America, seeing first hand what a true radical liberal would do to our blessed country, before we would truly wake up and then stand up to these secular progressive liberals and take our country back.

Well it looks as though we were right. Obama and his radical ideas as well as the leftists and communists he has surrounding him in the Whites House and in Congress are pushing the limits of what regular hard working Americans can stand and I believe the sleeping Dragon has awakened. You are now seeing the beginnings of a revolution stirring at these town hall meetings across the nation. I say this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Obama and the liberal left are not only pushing the envelope they have gone over the cliff and are trying to take the country with them. The policies they are forcing on America make no sense whatsoever. Instead of doing what we know would stimulate the economy today they are enacting policies that is crippling America. Many of us believe they are trying to create a vast number of Americans, even more dependent on government for their sustenance so that they in turn can offer more policies like universal health care, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and all of the new deal type social programs that have put America in debt to the tune of 100 trillion dollars! Yes, it is true! 100 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities are tied to just three of these programs. Now that our unemployment is over 10% they try and push through cap & trade as well as universal health care two programs that will increase our debt and tax burden by trillions more. This is a purposeful plan to ruin the American economic infrastructure so that they can rebuild it in their own way, a dependent America who can do nothing without the government providing for all the people's needs.

Is that the America you want???

If we do not throw the liberals out of office in 2010 we are in deep trouble. I myself am a Glenn Beck fan as well as Rush Limbaugh. Although I don't always agree with everything anyone says I think these two for the most part have it right about Obama and the radical left. They must be stopped. Their polices will destroy America as we know it so it is time America to stand up and shout! We must not be afraid to speak our minds and to go down to City Hall or wherever we have to go to make our voices heard. We must let the liberal politicians know that we the people want our country back and we will do what we must do to protect the Constitution of the United States of America!

Let's go America! Obama has also said he wants to build his own civil army as large and well funded as the military. What does he mean by that? Let's not wait to find out. Let's throw these liberals out of office in 2010 and in 2012 we will put a real conservative in the White House! We must start today!

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