Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aikido Update!


Just dropped in to update on my progress in the dojo.

I am very pleased to say I am still hanging in there and very eager to go each week to learn more and work towards my next test. I am studying the 15 basics in the dojo and enjoying the company of many other students at all different levels of the art. Sensei Tony is a super guy and his wife Maryann is also very nice and personable. It is a great pleasure to work out with this bunch and I am progressing well with no major injuries so far (knock on wood) to prevent me from continuing. I have learned about 6 of the first 15 so I hope to be ready to test in about a month. My birthday is in 5 weeks so perhaps it will be a nice birthday surprise to be able to test for my next stripe.

I also am working out again with my friend Jeff who is a 4th degree Shodan in Tomiki Aikido, one hour every two weeks. He is teaching me some more advanced techniques I will encounter later on to give me a head start on my testing at the dojo and some good street self defense.

Peace and Prosperity!


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