Saturday, April 04, 2009


After only three full weeks of Aikido I am progressing well. I have begun preparing for the test which will grant me the 5th Kyu or first stripe on my belt. It will be another 4 weeks or so before I have the time in to test according to the requirements. That should give me enough to to try and gain a better understanding and practical application of each hand and foot movement, judo taiso and the first eight quick release techniques. I feel sure I will be able to perform these requirements in that allotted time.

I have enjoyed each class and look forward to each new workout. Although I am working through some injuries I hope that I will be able to attend each class without missing any until at least May when I have to go out of town to see my son graduate air school in the Navy.

Our class is a good one and all the people are very easy to get along with and helpful. I hope to make some lifelong friendships here. The Sensei and his wife are both really good people and fun to work with.

I will continue to post as I progress.


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