Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama's Speech

First of all allow me to take a moment to congratulate Mr. Obama for what he has achieved here. Although I think he has done this by not being completely truthful about who he really is, he has managed to make history and allot of people, especially black Americans have seen the fruition of a lifetime of hopes and dreams in this man. Congratulations sir, you have become a historic figure in America.

Now, after reading the transcript of Obama’s speech for the second time today, I have many comments but the first thing that really stands out as a grave omission is the fact that he never mentions God until the very end and he uses the standard, “God Bless America” line as just a cookie cutter, political ending of a speech.

The reason I question this is that Obama has worked fairly hard to convince the American people that he is a born again Christian who attends Church regularly and has brought his family up in the Church. Now I am also a born again Christian and when anything good happens to me I always give God credit for it. You would think that this man would have found a place to thank God in his speech, for his current position as the Democratic nominee, a historical moment for all America, for all African Americans and certainly in his life but alas he failed to do so. That leads me to wonder if God really does play an important role in his life at all.

Another thought that dawned on me about this whole affair is this. I think it is quite obvious that Obama is the affirmative action candidate. He comes to this position as the less qualified person beside Hillary Clinton. Were they both to apply for a job and he was hired over her, it may well be to fill a quota for hiring minorities over whites. She has much more experience than he does in the Senate and she lived in the White House for eight years as the “Co-President” First Lady. She has been a staunch Democrat all her adult life working in and around Washington. The real ironic part is that she and her husband Bill have fought for affirmative action their whole political careers and now when it comes down to her and Obama, the less experienced black guy gets the job! I would say that is the MOST ironic thing I have ever seen in Washington politics. To top it all off, she should really have no reason to complain because she is now seeing, in this historical event, her life’s work coming to fruition!

The speech itself was a bit lack luster from the way I read it and from what I heard about it in the news today. It was a good speech but not a great speech. I think Bill Clinton’s speech earlier in the week was rated much higher than this one.

Much of what he said in the speech itself was just not plausible or true. For example: In my opinion and many experts agree, it is completely impossible to get us off of foreign oil supplies in 10 years. It will NEVER happen. The more realistic number would be 25 years or even longer.
To say that John McCain would not even go after Osama Bin Laden in his cave is ridiculous. First of all we bombed the crap out of the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan when we thought he was there and since then it is thought that he is hiding in Pakistan. We can’t invade Pakistan to look for Osama. That would be a major, foreign policy blunder.

There is much to criticize here but I will just add this. The Obama - Biden ticket is a weak ticket to say the least. With McCain’s new running mate, Sara Palin, I think the Republicans can win this election hands down. Perhaps Obama will be a formidable candidate down the road but for now he is just too young and inexperienced to be Commander and Chief of our armed forces and the President of this United States.

In closing I will add I am still not convinced that Obama is not brainwashed by his former pastor, Reverend Wright. Considering his relationships with so many radicals over the years and his mentors all being extreme socialists. Obama may be much more dangerous than we even think. The fact that he is this close to being President of our country should be a wake-up call for all Americans who love their country. The apathy must end here and we all need to get more involved!

I will quote my good friend Poppa Flagg -

Peace through Preparedness!

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