Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hope and Change

It is August and things are getting hot, not only here in the Charlotte but up in Washington as Republican leaders stand up and deliver messages of hope and change.

We need hope and change if we are to get a Congress that will listen to the people of America when it comes to our energy needs, not the same old same old. Instead of working to resolve a serious energy problem for the American people the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, decides to go on a book tour. I think instead of touring the country trying to fatten her purse she should be in Washington allowing our Congress men and women vote on some new energy legislation. I hear her book tour is really making quite and impact! Thud might be a better term in this case.

It seems pretty obvious we need to drill here and drill now in America. We also need to conserve the resources we have and do our best to come up with alternate sources of energy but the Democrats have decided to take a five week vacation instead. They ride in their private jets and take limos back and forth to book tours while we are stuck out here in the real world paying nearly $4.00 a gallon for gasoline and our truckers and airlines are going bust over $5.00 a gallon and higher diesel and jet fuel.

I guess the Democrats are so confident that they will win BIG in November that they can just do what they want and ignore John and Jane Doe American. OK so be it. In November we will have a chance to really tell the Democrats what we think of their apathy towards the problems we face when it comes to energy.

Now I hear the Senate has come up with a plan and five Republicans have joined hands with five Democrats to try and work something out. WAIT A MINUTE!

Hold it right there guys! We have a winning issue here and you are compromising with the Democrats and caving in to their demends? DON'T DO IT! From what I have read the legislation they are proposing is terrible. I hope like heck this does not pass. We need to drill off of each coast, in the gulf and in Anwar. We also need the oils shale fields opened up for exploration so we can continue to perfect the technology needed to acquire the billions of barrels of crude available in the midwest! This is a must!

Moving right along.

Now I also hear the vacation bug is catching. It seems Obama is going on a week long vacation to Hawaii for some much needed R&R. With McCain closing in on him in the polls he is taking a break. This is either the epitome of arrogance or the essence of stupidity on his part. I am not sure which but I suppose it could be a combination of the two.

All I can say is McCain better take advantage of this opportunity that Obama has laid right in his lap. In Fact I am quite sure that Obama has already dealt his campaign a near fatal blow and perhaps this is a sign that he is giving in. It all started when he stumbled his way through a question by a seven year old girl earlier in the week and he basically told her America is a terrible place and he has to fix it before he can allow his kids to grow up here.


This is the same America where a young 47 year old black man can win the nomination of the Democratic party for President. A country where he could grow up and go to an elite North Eastern law college and become a lawyer, marry another lawyer and live in a gated neighborhood in a 1.6 million dollar home. Yeah I would have to agree he has it rough and changes need to be made. In fact until he can live in a ten million dollar mansion it is obvious we need more hope and change.

All I can say is I hope he doesn’t change his current campaign strategy because it is a BIG loser from where I sit!

RIP Mac Man

Peace out!

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