Friday, September 01, 2006

Random Thoughts on a Friday

I can remember younger days when we practically lived for Fridays. Especially in school but even after that. Now it is not such a big deal but at 45 I still enjoy knowing I have my weekend ahead of me to relax, go to the movies or work around that house a little (very little). hehe

I have my business set up to where we do not work on weekends so I can still take advantage of the opportunity to be lazy. We do travel often so that also gives us some mini vacation time too. We like to go to the beach now and then or visit relatives, maybe drive up to the mountains and look at log houses. (we love them)

Of course our dream is to buy a piece of land in the mountains and build our dream house (log house) and spend our golden years sitting on the porch watching the sunrise or set, drinking coffee and working in the garden. Have a couple of horses and some dogs running around, maybe a goat or two. Yep I said it a goat!

Life is good here in America where a boy from cabbage town can grow up without finishing high school, start his own business and make a good enough living to make a dream like that come true. My wife comes from a different kind of upbringing but her dream is the same as mine. She is a bit more educated and was raised in a more middle class world but we are a lot alike in our dreams. We both want to live a laid back lifestyle, not the party people but the stay home and watch football kind of people.

Let's hope the bad people in the world do not stop us and millions like us from achieving these dreams.

I just hope I live long enough to see it all happen. I go back to the cardiologist today for another round of tests to see how well my heart and all the arteries feeding it are holding up. So far I have had the stress test, ultra sounds, EKG's and MRI's. NO results yet (except the EKG, it was normal) I suppose I get those next week. I should finish up all my testing today with a couple more ultrasounds on my legs and neck. All you liberals out there can just hold your breath to see if one more conservative is going to bite the dust.

Truthfully I am not really concerned. I know who holds the key to my eternity and I am not afraid of dying in fact I welcome it. This old world can be cruel at times and I have had my share of it. I will gladly relinquish the bonds that hold me here and move to the next life. It will be much, much better. Yet if I am destined to stay here and deal with the devil a while longer I will enjoy the fight and take what it gives me until that final day comes. Praise God!

Well no political comments today, SURPRISE! Although I do have a few in mind I will wait until another time.

Farewll my friends.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your laborday!

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