Thursday, February 09, 2006

Email and friends

As I peruse the news each day I find interesting little stories I like to share with my friends. Since we all have busy lives and do not get to spend real face time together very often it gives me great comfort to know that they are checking emails and reading some of my comments on the news of the day. That connection is important to me and I hope that they find it equally important in some small way.

Although many of us do think alike on some issues sometimes we differ on others and that is what makes us all unique. I enjoy the debate when we disagree on a given topic as it stimulates the thought process and opens up other views to be considered. Some folks have a hard time dealing with another point of view on a subject they feel strongly about but I have learned that through taking each view and giving it an honest chance to be considered, it is a good way to expand my own personal horizons in the way I approach each subject.

Believe it or not I know I am not always right about everything. GOSH! I have and will more than likely have my view changed slightly from time to time on a subject after and exhaustive debate in which all the facts are poured over and I have seen other perspectives and given them merit.

Not often, but it does happen. (smile)

The internet, email, blogs, etc., have really opened up a whole new world out there for many folks to express their POV and expand their knowledge about world affairs, politics, and news of all kinds. I am certainly one of those who has benefited from it and I admit it, my name is JD and I am an emailaholic.

I love to correspond this way even though I know folks who have computers and valid email addresses but they just do not check their email but once a month or so if that often. Although this baffles me to some degree I accept the fact that in their lives they have their own set of priorities and computers and email is just not one of them.

In closing today I will say this. The way I see it, if you do not return the email someone sends you in a timely manner it is like not returning a phone call left on an answering machine. If your computer works and you do check your email on a timely basis then it is very rude to not reply to an email if someone is sending an email in which they ask for a reply.

I think that is the key. So many emails go out each day you can’t and even shouldn’t reply to most but if the individual asks for a reply then you should by all means return that correspondence within a reasonable amount of time. That's just one man's opinion, take it for what it is worth.

Have a fabulous day and may God be with you this day and all the days ahead.

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