Tuesday, January 31, 2006

America, it's time for a change!

After reading an essay by Newt Gingrich this morning I have been prompted to write my own message to the American people and to all those politicians in Washington who truly care about the future of America. I for one and sick and tired of politicians acting on their own behalf or walking lock step with their own party to try and keep power or win back power. I would love to see a politician that loves his/her country so much that they are willing to break from the partisan politics and go out on a limb for America. We need a change and we want it now!

Let's face it America our government is corrupt! Perhaps not every individual but the way they do business and how they hold onto their power is not in the best interest of America but in the best interest of the party. The two party system has evolved into something that is not good for America. Government will not clean itself up because it is too busy covering it's own butt. The greed and lust for power is so strong within the individual party that their seems to be no way to have it take out it's own garbage. Sure there is a sacrificial lamb every so often to make it look as though someone cares but we need to clean house and change the way we do things in Washington.

My solution?

I know this may sound lame but bear with me a moment. We need a new committee or panel not to be made up of politicians. This one needs to be made up mostly of regular citizens who are willing to take an oath to not be corrupted by the system and to work hard to change the system. This new wing would be like the Internal Affairs Dept. Within the law enforcement community. It would require a couple of liaisons to each branch of government but other than that it would be made up of regular everyday people from all walks of life. Good law abiding citizens who have credibility and common sense. They would have a location outside of Washington to meet and brainstorm to come up with ideas and would have the power to bring in politicians and question them about their duties and how Washington operates in order to get the information they need to make the changes necessary. They could also bring in former politicians who know how the system works but hold no particular allegiance to the parties as they stand now.

This committee would work in 6 month intervals making recommendations to government on how to improve the system. These ideas then would be put into bill form an introduced into legislation where applicable. After each six month period new people could be added, others that needs to leave and go back to their own businesses could be let go. No one should stay on the committee more than 2 years. These people should also be compensated for their work just like freshman Congressmen.

Now this is all off the cuff so as I think this through I will have better more lucid ideas for this new government cleanup crew such a a good name or title for it. Perhaps you can help me come up with one. Send your ideas to me at jdddd@hotmail.com or any of my other emails that you may have.

The bottom line is government in Washington needs to change and we want to be able to trust them to do what is right. The apathy in America is pathetic and this may be one way to solve that problem. If the people in America can learn to trust their representatives then more folks will get involved. We all must work hard to make this happen so join with me and write your local and national leaders suggesting this method or your own ideas on how to make government better.

Now go out and have a joyful and prosperous year and may the blessings of our Lord be upon you and your family as well as the USA.

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