Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why be Thankful?

Thanksgiving is upon us once again and this year I want to just mention a few things I am thankful for.

1. Jesus Christ, first and foremost. Only Christians will understand this one of course.

2. My lovely wife Janet. She puts up with me, what a trooper!

3. Family and friends. I have some good people in my life who care about me. That's priceless! A special mention to my Grandma, she been ill lately, bless you granny!

4. A successful business. Been working my buns off this year! Thanks to my customers and my #1 driver!

5. Being born an American! What else can I say!

6. Our armed forces. Without them we'd be speaking German or Japanese.

7. Our President! W - Love him or hate him he's trying to save us from terrorists and has a great economy
working for us thanks to some wisely crafted tax cuts.

8. My new Mustang. Gotta love a man's first new sports car.

9. Finally, a good attitude. I thank God I was born an optimist!

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