Thursday, November 03, 2005

Democrats gone wild!

The Impeachment of Sanity!
JD Pearce 11/3/2005
The Democrats in the Senate have decided to hold meetings to discuss issues related to the President's decision to go to war in Iraq, removing Saddam Hussein from power and establishing a front against terror. They say he manipulated intelligence and lied to the American people over reasons to go to war.

Funny but I seem to remember just about every single one of those pompous jackasses pontificating at the top of their lungs on the Senate floor about how bad Saddam was and how he was such a threat to the US and should be stopped! This kind of bloviating was in vogue in 1998 up until and after President Bush was inaugurated in 2001. Not only did the Senators now screaming Bush lied do this but their own President and Vice President in 1998 and 1999 both made speeches declaring Saddam had WMD as did the former Secretary of State and the National Security Advisor. Let us not forget every major newspaper and magazine in the country also proclaimed the danger and wickedness of Saddam. These Wackos seem to forget that they are caught on tape as it were and must be living in some drug induced dream world where they do not remember what they did or said past last week.

Let me assure you that the goal here my friends is to impeach President Bush! Yes that's right. Fortunately for the sane people in this country it ain't gonna happen. These dolts in Washington are all smoking crack if they think that they can win on this issue. (Fire it up Ted, don't bogart the pipe!)

My personal view is that this is nothing more than payback for the impeachment of their golden boy, their knight in shining armor, their chief cook and bottle washer, the first black President, William J. Clinton. They are so hell bent on paying the Republicans back for that embarrassing episode (hold on, I am lighting my cigar) that they will go to any and all ends to try and punish President Bush and his brilliant team of advisers. The fact that Bush defeated Gore (stole the election) in 2000 and their latest idiot, John (I have a plan) F. Kerry is also a bitter pill to swallow for this bumbling bunch of clowns on the left side of the isle in Washington.

Mark my words they want to impeach Bush but they do not have the votes and will not win enough seats in 2006 to

What is so unforgivably sad about this is that we are at war with terrorism. This country is the lone super power in a struggle to stop the spread of terrorism in the free world and that world depends on us to win this battle. The leftist here in this country are undermining our ability to fight and win this war. It is treasonous in my opinion and the majority of people of this country want no part of their hypocrisy and foolishness!

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