Friday, October 14, 2005

The War on Terror - World War III

I agree with Bill O'Reilly that this war is WWIII yet I do not agree with the way he spins the war news in his so called "No Spin Zone." In fact I think that 90 percent of the news coverage we get from the press here in the USA is negative and harmful to the effort.

Just imagine if the press were not anti-war in the country and if this was a war waged by a democrat such as Bill or Hillary Clinton. I'll bet the coverage would be vastly different by the so called "Main Stream Media." Instead of news reports each day saying, "Another US soldier was killed today when a road side bomb exploded as the unilateral US forces continue to combat the insurgents in Iraq. More and more people here in the US are voicing their concerns about high US casualties blah, blah, blah.

You might here it reported like this. "Only one casualty today for the US in Iraq as the US continues it's war against the radical terrorists in the middle east. As we are well into our second year in this conflict we have only lost 2000 soldiers. Although all soldiers are important and their sacrifices significant if we compare this war to others from the nations history we have made some major progress in the way we conduct ground wars. In Vietnam for example where we had lost nearly ten times that amount by the 2nd year of the conflict. With the Iraqi's about to cast their historic votes for the first constitution in that country's long and brutal history we may see the beginnings of change sweeping through the middle east as the Iraq's embrace democracy with this vote...

Wow, you see how the perspective can change when you look at this war from another point of view!

Think about it....


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