Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricanes & Energy

WOW! Can you believe the massive hurricanes we have had this year? What is the deal here? Katrina and now Rita! Holy cow!

Many people say this is a natural phenomenon that happens in cycles as decades and centuries pass us by, others are screaming that it is caused by global warming. Some science says global warming is also a natural phenomenon that is cyclical as well but others dispute this and blame human kind for the problem. I am no scientist but I tend to agree with the natural phenom side of the argument. However I do think we should slow down on the fossil fuels and move towards solar, wind, water and others forms such as hydrogen powered energy as well.

The oil and gasoline problem is way beyond pollution and global warming at this point. Terrorism and economic reasons are enough for me. I have often wondered why we do not use the sun's power for more of our solution to our energy problem here on earth. It of course seems like and endless source of energy.

The following link is to an article I found on the future of solar energy it is quite interesting.

In today's hi tech world it seems as if we have the ability and know how to move beyond the fossil fuels and start utilizing other more environmentally friendly forms and perhaps cheaper too!

May the Lord have mercy on those in the path of this latest storm...

Have a great day!


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