Saturday, July 23, 2005

Life is Good but....


Yes life is good much like Joe Walsh said in the song and I can prove it. I have a successful marrriage to a wonderful woman, a successful business that has grown each year since 1998. I own a home, a motorcycle and a new Mustang among other things and I live in the greatest country God ever created. I have a great attitude most of the time as I know how blessed I am to be an American and a Christian. Being a positive person who sees life from an optomistic point of view is a wonderful blessing and I am thankful God gave me this gift, however I have heard some news of late that really has shaken me somewhat from my lofty perch.

Although I am confident of what my fate is when the time comes I am worried about my country and many of my loved ones as I think of what may happen to the USA at the hands of the terrorists. There is a guy hitting the talk show circiut (can't remeber his name) who claims he has proof that Osama Bin Ladin and his bunch of terrorist murderers are in possesion of nuclear weapons they bought during the collapse of the old soviet regime and are planning to detonate them in the USA in what will be a coordinated attack in seven cities simultaneously.

If this is true and he can pull this off our country will be ruined and millions will die. I sure hope that President Bush is doing something I am unaware of around the borders to stop these maniacs from coming in but it may be too late as this guy thinks that they are already here inside the country laying in wait. We need to crack down on the muslim extremism in the USA and around the world. The only way to prevent this disaster is to start locking these nut cases up or killing them and sending them to their reward. (Which I believe is eternal damnation) I think the 72 virgins they wake up with will have fangs and scales. Their breath will smell like sulfur and rotten eggs and their fingers will end in jagged, dirty, razor-like nails. The virgin sex these terrorists are dying for is not going to be as pleasant and they imagine.

So should this happen we are in for some major trouble and this country may be history. As for me I am not troubled for my soul. Dying is a release and I will happily give up my mortal shell for eternal life in heaven with my Lord and Saviour but for those who have chosen a different path I hope God has mercy on them and will accept their last minute prayers, if they even have time for those.

Peace be with you

JD Pearce

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